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Darbuka Siva bro'ject


Darbuka Siva bro’ject is a collection of random thoughts, sounds, sights and collaborations. More like an untagged zone where anything goes.



OneBeat performance at the Atlantic Center for Arts (Florida, USA)



After working, touring and performing with multiple projects ranging from folk to classical, I decided to take a break from performing and other music related work during mid 2012. I spent most of that time doing nothing and sometimes regrouping and reflecting on all the work that I’ve done previously. I had quite a lot of questions, but no answers, so I waited. The answer came to me not too late, in September 2013 in the form of a project- OneBeat. On paper it was month-long music residency in the US. But for me, it was definitely much more than that, more like a way of living.


The time I spent at OneBeat changed the way I approached materailising my ideas and re-infused my faith on a lot of things. It gave me fresh air and some new connections that inspired me to start putting down all the ideas that have been wandering in my head that became Darbuka Siva bro’ject. 


Gala Gala 


Gala Gala is a music video project on the local football scene of Chennai, India. Filmed in locations like Pulianthope and Vyasarpadi areas which have been the breeding ground for football in Chennai. 


My love for the game pushed me to make some sounds and put together these images that I think,  truly represents the spirit of the people in my city.

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